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Glen Innes

New additions to our live plants this Month!!

Brunsvigia Orientalis , Boophone Haemanthiodes , Gladiolus Cardinalis Hyb , Iris Lutescens , Ferraria Crispa , Babiana Pygmea , Gladiolus Tristus , Scilla Peruviana 'Violet Form' , Babiana Framesii , Ixia Pumilo , Babiana Angustifolia , Ixia Hyb  and more. Visit HERE to see our entire list.

Fresh Seed Additions this month

Moraea Simulans , Baometra Uniflora , Geissorhiza Corrugata , Ixia Pumilo , Romulea Hirsuta , Romulea Gigantea , Eranthis Hyemalis. Web Store


          Our site is very dynamic and changes constantly as Live plants are only offered during dormancy , reducing shock and ensuring a quick recovery. New plants are added ( or removed ) often and many are in short supply so please visit regularly or simply subscribe to our monthly news letter to receive updates on new plant or seed items. 

          We LOVE  to be generous! Each order comes with free plastic plant labels for every individual item purchased and often free packets of random surplus seed. Return customers and referrers gain even more rewards via our loyalty program.

          Almost 30 years of experience in the industry ensures you your plant purchases will be in the best of health and seed is ripe and fresh.

      Looking for something in your garden with that WOW factor.?  Interested in something different or exotic.? Are you a gardening enthusiast or collector searching for those rare and hard-to-get bulbs and perennials?

      If you answered yes to any of the above then this site may certainly catch your imagination!

      Here at Discoverybulbs&Seed we specialize in both live plants and fresh seed for for cool and temperate climates , particularly Allium , Cyclamen, Iris, Lilium and Tulipa species as well as many other interesting plants.

Plant Of the Month

Tigridia Chiapensis

A charming and early flowering species from moist meadows in Mexico.

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