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Calostemma Lutea

Seed Available

March 2015

Calostemma Scott-Sellickiana

Legendary or Natural Hybrid?

Currently Unavailable

Calochortus Albus ( Sierra Nevada Form)

Calochortus Argillosus

Calochortus Plummerae

Calochortus Venustus

Calochortus Venustus (Cuddy valley Form)

Colchicum Cupanii

Colchicum Hyb "The Giant"  (Speciosum x Bivonae)

Corms Available December to May

Colchicum Hyb "Waterlily"

Crinum Bulbispermum

( Huge red Form )

Seed Available December

Crinum Flaccidum

Seed Available

March 2015

Crinum Powellii

Crocus Banaticus

Crocus Cartwrightianus

Crocus Flavus

Crocus Fleischerii

Crocus Hadriaticus

Crocus Niveus

Crocus Sieberii

Crocus Speciosus

Cypella Amabilis

Seed Available  Purchase

Cypella Coelestis

Seed Available Now Purchase

Cypella Osteriensis

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