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Current List

Acis Autumnalis  ( Aka Leucojum Autumnale) **NEW** A lovely ubiquitous Amaryllid with rigid , upright grassy leaves and dainty white Autumn bells on 10cm stems from late summer through Autumn. Great in pots or en masse in the garden. Easy and hardy Winter grower. Photo       $1.00e , 5 for $4.00 , 20 for $12.00

Agapanthus "Tasmanian Sapphire"  Deciduous Hyb with round ,orange sized umbels of tightly packed sapphire blue flowers. Very hardy to at least zone 6, multiplying well and very free flowering. Photo       $6.00e , 3 for $15.00

Agapanthus Inapertus Var Pendulous **NEW**  Winter deciduous species from eastern South Africa at high altitude with elegant umbels of dark blue pendulous flowers in Summer. Flowering size , choice species , highly sought.     $14.00e  ( Limit 1 )

Allium Senescens Var Montanum   Very tough , drought resistant and bone hardy semi evergreen Allium . Long flowering from mid Spring through until Autumn with continuous rounded umbels of densely packed mauve flowers to 30cm.  Photo      $3.00 , 4 for $10.00

Allium Flavum    Summer flowering species with a semi-evergreen habit. Growing 12-15cm high with narrow semi upright foliage and rounded umbels of bright yellow flowers on short stems. Frost hardy , garden borders or pots.        $4.00e , 3 for $10.00 ( Limit 3 )

  $Amaryllis Belladonna "Naked ladies"  Needs little introduction , very attractive umbels of large pink , white throated flowers in Autumn on stout stems. Web Photo 3.50e , 5 for $15.00

  Arum Italicum Var Pictum   Easy aroid grown as much for its bright red fruits and attractive foliage as for the very large greenish white spathes. Hardy and impressive in the garden. Photo   $3.00e , 5 for $12.00 , 10 for $19.50

Arisaema Speciosum **NEW**  Glorious deepest purple spathes with a beautifully contrasting pink-striped throat , one of the best of the himalayan species and not difficult to grow in dappled shade in rich soil that never dries out completely. Corms on offer are 1 year old , about 10 to 15mm in diameter and approx 3 years to flowering size. Web Photo   $7.50e , 3 for $20.00 , 5 for $30

Babiana Pygmea  Large pale yellow flowers Spring , Rare and choice. Hardy to zone 7b

Loamy well drained soil , garden or pot.  Photo          $8.00e , 2 for $14. (Limit 2)

Cyrtanthus O'Brienne  **NEW**  Similar to C.Mackenii with larger more pendulous flowers of Coral red. Fully frost hardy and easy to establish in full sun or semi shade , flowers appear in mid to late Spring and may continue until mid summer.Garden or pots. Photo    $5.00e , 3 for $12.50

Dierama Hyb. White  A nice free flowering Dierama Pulcherrimum Album x. Medium height to 1 meter , multiplies well in any good garden soil in full sun.      $4.00e , 3 for $10.00

Dierama Reynoldsii   A rare species in South Africa and difficult to obtain. Very dark plum/red bells with silver bracts on 1 meter arching stems. Hardy to zone 7b. Rich moist soil.  Photo      $9.00e. (Limit 2)

Ferraria Crispa   Lovely South African Winter growing species with unusual white throated brown edged flowers often delicately spotted and strangely resembling a starfish.Any good well drained soil in full sun or semi-shade. Dryish in Summer Web photo      $4.50e , 5 for $19   SOLD OUT

Fritillaria Acmopetala  Easy beginners species with elegant flowers. Foliage appears mid Winter , flowers in mid Spring. Free draining loam in full sun. Lifting not required. Cool climates.  Near flowering size bulbs  Photo       $4.00e , 3 for $10 , 5 for $15.00 ( Limit 5 )

Fritillaria Biflora  " Chocolate Bells " , Good garden species. Dark brown flowers overlaid olive green in Spring. Free draining loam in full sun or semi shade. Lifting not required , dryish summer dormancy. Photo 1 or 2 years from flowering.       $6.00e ( Limit 2 )

Habranthus Tubispathus "Copper rain Lily"   , Brightly coloured species from Argentina , coppery yellow flowers overlaid with red and a red throat. Flowers throughout summer and early Autumn after rain.  Flowering Size. Easy. Photo    $3.50e , 5 for 13.50 , 10 for $22.00

Habranthus Tubispathus Var Roseus    Great little summer flowering amaryllid , heavily veined rose coloured flowers with dark throats appear quickly after rain or watering. Flowers from late Spring through until early Autumn. Easy  Photo     $4.00e , 3 for $10 , 5 for $15.00

Hyacinthus Orientalis   This is the true type species from Asia and the main parent of the hybrid cultivars we see in gardens today. Much more vigorous and free flowering than the hybrids and multiplying freely each year. Photo , Web Photo      $3.50e , 2 for $6.00

Ixia Viridiflora Var Minor  Very similar to the highly sought Ixia Viridiflora the only difference being the blue throat which lacks the intensity of the type plant. Tall free flowering and easier to cultivate than the type species.  Photo    $6.00e 2 for $10.00

Merendera Montana  Narrow deep pink/mauve flowers on short stems in early Autumn. A choice easy species for the open garden or pots.  Very hardy , not recommended for frost free climates. Web Photo     $6.00e. (Limit 2)

Moraea Collina "Cape Tulip"  South African native cormous species , winter growing with a single long trailing leaf and a succession of orange , salmon or yellow flowers throughout Spring . Summer dormant species hardy and tough enough for the cottage garden where it gives s colorful display. Web Photo   $2.50e , 5 for $10.00

Muscari ( Choice Mix)   Mixed species including Armeniacum , latifolium , Atlanticum , Neglectum , Commutatum and the Hyb "Blue Spike" . Great for borders , pots or naturalizing. All are hardy to zone 6       10 for $3.00 , 25 for $5.00 , 50 for $8.00

Narcissus Bulbicodium Conspicuous   Ubiquitous small species with small golden yellow Spring trumpets. Easy , drought tolerant. Bedding or pots in full sun or semi shade . Limited stock this year.  Web Photo     $1.00e , 5 for $4.00

Narcissus Jonquilla " Sweetness " . Forms dense , free flowering clumps , golden yellow trumpets of great form. Photo       $3.00e , 5 for $12.50 , 10 for $20 , ( Limit 10 )

Oxalis Compressa Flore Plena  Scarce fully double form with many umbels of golden yellow 1cm wide flowers Winter and Spring. Highly Recommended  for pots. Naturally small bulbs. Not fully hardy to frost best in zone 8 or warmer.  Photo                $1.40e , 5 for $6 , 10 for $10 (Limit 10)

Oxalis Hirta  Attractive foliage with soft pinnate leaves. Masses of mauve to cerise flowers from early Autumn until mid to late Winter. Summer dormant.  Great in pots.  Web Photo        $1.00e , 5 for $4.50 , 10 for $8.00 , 20 for $14      SOLD OUT

Oxalis Triangularis Var Purpurea **NEW**  Rarely available suited to all climates. Evergreen deepest burgundy red traingular leaves form a nice mound below sprays of pale pink flowers. Flowers continuously from Spring through to Autumn. Unusual 'twiggy'-like tubers.   Web Photo    $4.00e , 5 for $16.50 (Limit 5)

Rhodophiala Bifida  Lovely Red trumpets on 15cm stems in Late Summer and Autumn. Like a miniature Hippeastrum though much hardier. Multiplies well in the garden. Limited Stock of this scarce Amaryllid.   Web Photo       $6.00e , 2 for $10.00 (Limit 2)  ( Only 2 remaining in stock )

Sternbergia Lutea  Large , golden goblet shaped flowers appear on 10cm psuedo-stems with the new foliage in Autumn. Easy and hardy amaryllid. Stock limited this year.             $4.00e , 3 for $10. ( Limit 3)    Sold Out

Tulipa Kolpakowskiana  Very few this year of this choice rare species from central Asia. Carmine backed flowers open to a deep yellow mid sized bloom. Early flowering and reliable. Zone 4 to Zone 7b. Web Photo    $6.00e  (Limit 2)

Watsonia Densiflora **NEW**  Beautiful sugar pink flowers born along tall branching stems to 1.2m high. Rigid upright evergreen or semi evergreen sword shaped foliage. Choice South African species. Hardy   $7.00e ( Limit 2 )

Zephyranthes Candida  Popular and Ubiquitous species often seen brightening Summer and Autumn gardens with its 3cm wide , green throated ,glistening white flowers. Suitable for most climate zones. hardy and easy. Web Photo      5 for $4.00 , 10 for $6.90 , 20 for $12.00

Zephyranthes Chlorosolen ( Zephyranthes Drummondii ) **NEW**  Rarely available in any form this lovely evergreen species boasts large glistening white flowers throughout summer. Multiplies slowly to form impressive clumps. Easy in sun or semi-shade with flowers lasting longer in the latter. Near flowering size. Photo   $6.00e , 3 for $15.00

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